New Members

Membership is affordable, as little at $10 and that small amount can go towards our efforts in the community. Membership dues cover a calendar year period. New members are encouraged any time of the year; existing members are asked to send their renewals by February 28. 

As a member, you can participate in our fundraising, sponsorship, or Germanfest committees. You will be invited to the yearly Germanfest event, including our Annual Holiday Social, dinners, and receptions for visiting dignitaries.

Committees include:

  • Germanfest Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Fundraising

Involvement includes:

  • Exchange ideas and develop friendship with their counterparts in another
    culture on a direct, personal basis.
  • Develop a way for the many and diverse elements of each community.
  • Open new dialogues with the people of another culture to find unique solutions to improving the quality of
    life of all citizens.
  • Participate in a program with a real partner in another country so all members of the community can feel they are contributing to international understanding in a direct personal way.
  • Better understand their own community by sharing their way of life to the people of another culture.