You meet people in another country and even though they don’t speak English, they have the same concerns about life as we do, the same worries.
— Sioux Falls Sister Cities Association, President Ginny Beck
Foreign affairs doesn’t have to be done just by the State Department. It actually works better if we bring it down to our individual communities and the people in the communities.
— Mary Kane, CEO, Sister Cities International
Our Sister Cities connection with Potsdam, Germany continues to strengthen and enrich our program. Many people have come here to study, learn, and become acquainted with our mid-western hospitality, and genuine acceptance. Many lasting and impressionable experiences form a strong link of global understanding, and communication among host families and international guests. Without a doubt, an international perspective provides an appreciation of understanding and goodwill. This is what our Sister City premise espouses. We welcome all with open arms.
— Harold Schmidt, Charter Member
Sister Cities diminishes greatly the chances of conflicts between countries, when we get to know someone on a personal basis […] it's far more likely that we will resolve our differences in a peaceful fashion (2014, Argus Leader).

— Former City of Sioux Falls Mayor, Mike Huether

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