Before you proceed, here are a few steps to consider with our outdoor event:

  1. We are an outdoor event, so prepare accordingly to the weather, and your customer's needs during the festival.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by the Germanfest Committee. Please be patient as we review your application and determine if your proposed specialty will complement our target audience. 
  3. If we are interested in your product (i.e. If it is a product we are missing or think would add diversity to our market mix) we will set up a meeting in person or over the phone with you. Our goal is about providing German-authentic cuisine or merchandise and we are always looking for new faces to create an different experience each year. At this meeting we will go over additional requirements including insurance, licensing, and sampling regulations. If we do not have space for your proposed specialty we will inform you right away.
  4. We do not duplicate craft or food booths (i.e. we would not accept two popcorn vendors or two ice cream vendors.) You are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and removing your own booth, your merchandise and your trash.
  5. Inspectors from the health department will be inspecting each vendor providing food items. A health department inspector will visit with each food vendor the day of the event to determine what charges will be assessed.

We will keep your application on file for 12 months should stalls become available. We encourage all vendors to re-apply each year. Again, thank you for your interest, and we look forward to reviewing your application!